ArcGIS Geoprocessing tools

Long-time users of ESRI products may remember the “Geoprocessing Wizard” tool that was available in ArcView 3.x and in ArcGIS 8. Though it was handy to have these common analysis tools in one location, this wizard was removed in ArcGIS 9 and the associated tools were ‘relocated’ to other toolboxes.

The functions of the Geoprocessing Wizard included: MergeClipIntersectUnion, and Buffer

These tools may be found in the following toolboxes (both in ArcGIS 9 and 10):

Merge: Data Management Tools > General > Merge
*the Merge tool was called ‘Append’ in ArcGIS 9.0 and renamed in version 9.1 and later
Clip: Analysis Tools > Extract > Clip
Intersect: Analysis Tools > Overlay > Intersect
Union: Analysis Tools > Overlay > Union
Buffer: Analysis Tools > Proximity > Buffer (or Multiple Ring Buffer)