Add the Buffer Wizard to an ArcMap toolbar

Earlier version of ArcGIS had a ‘buffer wizard’ tool available. This functionality is now housed in the tools “Buffer” and “Multiple Ring Buffer” found in ArcToolbox > Analysis > Proximity. However, if you prefer the wizard interface, it is still possible to add the Buffer Wizard to a toolbar in ArcGIS. The instructions below are for ArcMap 10.x

  • Customize > Customize Mode…
  • Click the Commands (center) tab
  • Scroll down in the Categories list until you find Tools. Click once to select it.
  • Find the Buffer Wizard in the Commands: list on the right
  • Drag the Buffer Wizard icon to any existing toolbar (I suggest the “Tools” toolbar) and drop it wherever you like
  • Clicking the Buffer Wizard icon will launch the wizard…

You can customize any ArcMap toolbar in this fashion. See the ArcGIS help topic “adding a command to a toolbar or to the main menu” for more information.