ArcGIS for Desktop – “Tool not licensed” error

If you receive a ‘tool not licensed’ error when trying to use an ArcToolbox tool from an extension (Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, or others) then it’s likely you have not enabled the extension before trying to use it. If the extension has a toolbar, making it visible is not the same as enabling the extension.

Note that the error message states no… “license currently available or enabled“. The default install of ArcGIS includes all extensions, so it’s likely not enabled if you’re seeing this message.

To remedy this, open the Customize menu and choose Extensions…

Check the box for any extension you wish to use, and click Close. Try re-running the tool and it should work. To verify if a license is available, open the ArcGIS Administrator and select the Availability panel. Extension licenses will be listed below ArcGIS…

How to update an ArcGIS student edition license

If you are running your own copy of ArcGIS – the Student Edition – the license is valid for one year. It is possible to renew your student license without re-installing ArcGIS or obtaining another install DVD. You will first need to get a new registration code. These are available by sending an email to it-help or to mdhyslop at

Detailed instructions for activating your license are available as a PDF: How to update an ArcGIS Student Edition license.

Please email mdhyslop with questions or comments.